Exit Statement - 31st August 2023

It is with much sadness, that we must announce that Phoenix will not be re-opening for the new School-term in September.

We will not be reopening for business again.

Although this news gives everyone ridiculously short notice before the new term - it is because Phoenix was only made aware that this could be an issue two days ago (29th August).

The unforeseen development has left us unable to deliver safely (staffing/admin etc) and after many long discussions at Board level, it was sadly agreed that there is no clear and permanent way forward, except for closure.

As much as it breaks our hearts, we haven't got:

  • the time required to make the necessary changes
  • enough staff to deliver a full curriculum safely
  • enough staff to comply with all of our admin requirements
  • enough of a financial buffer in order to carry on successfully

We hope that our learners are able to find suitable new placements quickly - for they are why we did this, after all.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the Staff and all of the many people (especially our amazing volunteers), that helped make Phoenix the wonderful environment that enabled our young people to blossom.

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Last Updated: Monday 18th September 2023